About us

 About the Blog

Harbouchanews is a comprehensive, independent electronic newspaper concerned with presenting news, analysis and opinion in modern ways to transmit it, far from everything that is consumed in front of Internet surfers in world, and it makes it its functions to contribute to the basic tasks of the media as news, education, awareness and entertainment.

Harbouchanews aspires to be a qualitative addition in the media and journalism scene in general. We are committed to verifying the news before publishing it, and with accuracy in transmitting complete and comprehensive information freely and without restriction, and we transmit the news with the utmost impartiality. We are committed to ensuring balance in what we publish in terms of news, analysis and work, in fact, the principle of opinion and other opinion.

The Harbouchanews blog was launched in February 2021 from its headquarters in Carthage, as a contribution to enriching the local and world media scene by transmitting the news as it is without Rutouch and without falsification.

Areas of coverage

Harbouchanews covers a number of major areas in the international and economic news, technology, science, and many different fields.